We are hiring! Full-time Research Coordinator for Summer 2022
Interested in gaining more research experience in psychology, neuroscience, and/or adolescent development during your summer? Apply for our research coordinator position! Details here: 2022 Research Coordinator Job Description

Clinical Psychology Graduate School Applicants

 Dr. Kerr anticipates admitting a clinical psychology Ph.D. student for Fall 2022. For questions or information about our lab, please email Dr. Kerr at  kara.kerr@okstate.edu. Experience in neuroimaging is not a requirement for applicants to the lab. OSU's APA-accredited clinical psychology program is based on a clinical science model and is a member of the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science. For more information on the program and application requirements, visit our website at https://psychology.okstate.edu/academic-programs/graduate-programs/clinical-psychology-program

Everyone Else
Our lab has many opportunities for students and postbacs to gain experience in developmental cognitive neuroscience research. For more information, please email Dr. Kerr at kara.kerr@okstate.edu.