Teen Research Studies

Our lab is currently holding research studies for teenagers and their moms. Teens and moms will each be paid $75-$295 for participating. If you and your teen may be interested in participating, please enter your name and email and/or phone number below, and we will contact you with more information. Please feel free to list any specific questions in the comments section.


Your information will only be used to contact you about this research and will not be shared with anyone outside our lab. You may also email the principal investigator, Dr. Kara Kerr, at kara.kerr@okstate.edu.

Note: If your child currently has braces, they are not eligible for this study. You are welcome to still enter your information, but please include in the note that your child has braces and, if possible, when they are going to have them removed. We will then contact you if they are eligible in the future.

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Thanks for submitting! We will contact you soon.

Our research lab is located in Tulsa, OK, at the OSU Biomedical Imaging Center at 66th & Riverside.